Butuh Uang Cepat? Aplikasi Ini Cocok Buat Kamu Yang Butuh Uang Cepat

At this time, the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in economic instability and created various price fluctuations in the market. Various prices for necessities that continue to soar have resulted in consumers choosing various ways to obtain funds to meet their needs.


One of the easiest ways to get funds is to use an online loan or a no-budget credit system (KTA).

One application that can make it easier to make online loans is my cash application , this cashku loan application is a subsidiary of Bank Amar, which makes Cashku the only online loan product that comes from banks.

This is quite interesting because of course users who want to borrow money can build trust because the origin of this application is based on the bank.

Overview of the Cash App

Tunaiku is one of the online loan applications that operates to help provide loan funds quickly and practically. This application is available both on the Play Store and the App Store. This application is a subsidiary of Bank Amar, or fully PT Bank Amar Indonesia Tbk which has been established since 1991.

Although based on available data, this bank only has three branches, but this bank has been supervised by the OJK so that transactions made through Cashku are safe and reliable. Bank Amar already has good credibility and is more engaged in digital-based services. My cash service was launched by Bank Amar in 2014.

Terms and Guidelines for Borrowing Funds Through Tunaiku

Like online loans in general, the main requirement for borrowing funds through cashku is to prepare an ID card for identity verification, then there are several other requirements that need to be met, including:

  1. Indonesian Citizen (WNI)
  2. Have a bank account
  3. Age ranging from 21 years to a maximum of 55 years and actively working
  4. Fill out all the required forms, after the required files are declared appropriate, the loan funds can enter the user's account

Meanwhile, the loan process through the cashku application can be done after going through the following stages:

      Install the Cashku application via the Play Store or App Store

      Register on the application that has been installed using your email or mobile number

      Select the loan menu then enter the desired loan amount along with the tempo and installment payments that will be made according to your wishes

      Fulfill and fill out the required loan application form then click agree and send

      Waiting for the results of data and file verification carried out by the cashku team, this data verification process will usually take 1x24 hours, if there are problems, you can contact the call center

      If it has been approved by the cashku team, the user can confirm the loan through the application

      The borrower signs the contract via courier, the contract contains and has roles such as proof of an agreement that can be accounted for with a period of 1 to 3 working days.

      After signing the contract and further verification by the cash application team, the borrower can wait for the loaned funds to be sent through the borrower's account that has been given

      The funds that have been received can be used by the borrower, and payments can be made according to the nominal and the specified time period

      All matters regarding problems related to borrowing can always be communicated through my cash call center which is active every day and will provide the answers needed

Advantages of Online Loans Through Tunaiku

  1. Safe and Reliable

One of the most important things for online loan service providers is security and trust for its users. Even though the cash application itself is not supervised by the OJK, because my cash is a subsidiary of Bank Amar, actually this application is still under the leadership of the bank where Bank Amar itself is already under the auspices of the OJK.

This of course adds to the user's sense of trust because online loans will be closely related to personal data so strict supervision is needed for all processes.

The results of the review of this application in the App Store and Play Store also show a satisfactory value so that it can be ensured that this application is trusted to use.

  1. No need to use credit card ownership

Unlike other online loans where they usually require an active credit card ownership of at least one year, for my own cash it doesn't require this.

This is in accordance with some of the reviews that we get online which of course will make it easier for users who want to make loans because they don't need to make credit cards, so that disbursement and refunds can be done simultaneously through the application.

  1. Without using a guarantee

One of the most tempting advantages of using my cash loan is that there is no need to provide collateral to the application, such as assets in the form of vehicles, securities, or jewelry and so on.

This is what causes my cash to attract a lot of interest from its users compared to other online loan applications.

This unsecured loan, of course, makes it easier for users who want to disburse their funds quickly, but due to the absence of collateral, it is hoped that the borrower will be wiser in making installment payments on time and not due in making payments because it will complicate the process going forward.

  1. Can be used anytime and for anything

The existence of my technology-based cash, of course, makes it easier for borrowers to make transactions only through their gadgets, without having to queue long like if you want to make a loan at a bank and can make a quick cash loan .

This is an advantage in terms of time and effort because the borrower can save on both things.

In addition, my cash loan can be used for anything because even though it is a product from a bank, this loan is not segmented like credit in general, for example, KPR to buy a house, KKB to buy a motor vehicle, and the like.

Both of these, of course, make it easier for borrowers to manage their own loan funds without having to be bound by having to buy something. However, there needs to be awareness from borrowers to borrow funds only in important matters so as not to harm themselves.

Tunaiku Application Loan System

As one of the online loan service providers, Cashku of course has several conditions for borrowing funds to be made. Based on the explanation on the kasku site, loans can be made with a minimum of 2 million rupiah with a maximum limit for a loan of 20 million rupiah.

For the payment period itself, there are various choices with the maximum installment payment period for my cash application being twenty months. In this way the borrower can determine the loan that will be made according to his ability to pay it.


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